12 great ceiling lampsLighting and design 

12 great ceiling lamps

Lighting plays not the last role therefore it is necessary to approach this question with all responsibility in the house. Today in the market there is a mass of offers among which a specific place is held by ceiling lamps.

These 12 stylish options not only will create feeling of comfort at any time, but also will become an important part of a decor.

1. Scattering of stars

12 great ceiling lamps

Built-in lamps asterisks.

The charming built-in LED lamps which thanks to the design cast the shadows similar to stars. Similar lighting will fill space with soft diffused light and will make any ceiling mysterious and special.

2. Middle Ages

12 great ceiling lamps

Lamps in medieval style.

Delightful spherical chandeliers from rings with bulbs in the form of candles will perfectly fit into an interior of the penthouse arranged in medieval, classical, rustic or rural style.

3. Wooden panel

12 great ceiling lamps

The wooden panel with the built-in lamps.

The wooden panel with the built-in lamps became a contrast detail and this highlight of an interior of this light kitchen.

4. Intricate figures

12 great ceiling lamps

Figured hinged ceiling with illumination.

Improbable figured hinged ceiling with the built-in LED illumination – the fantastic decision for registration of a long corridor.

5. Sails

12 great ceiling lamps

Lamps similar to sails.

The snow-white ceiling with two lamps similar to sails, looks very air and is fresh.

6. Contrast detail

12 great ceiling lamps

Hinged ceiling with a contrast niche.

Hinged ceiling with round dredging of a contrast brown shade and the refined hanging-down lamps in the center.

7. Bright decision

12 great ceiling lamps

Hinged ceiling of orange color and classical chandelier.

The tremendous hinged ceiling of bright orange color with a massive crystal chandelier in the center looks very extravagantly and effectively in an interior of a classical drawing room.

8. Pipes

12 great ceiling lamps

Golden lamps in the form of pipes.

The original system of lighting from pipes of golden color and bulbs – extraordinary and very stylish decision which became not only the hall which is functionally constituting an interior, but also its ornament.

9. Cubism

12 great ceiling lamps

Hinged ceiling with square niches.

The stylish ceiling with the square niches of the different size decorated with LED illumination became the main detail of this light space.

10. Balloons

12 great ceiling lamps

Lamps in the form of balls.

Charming lamps in the form of balloons, look very extraordinary and effectively in the interior arranged in brutal industrial style.

11. Hats hats

12 great ceiling lamps

Chandeliers in the form of hats.

The creative hanging-down chandeliers in the form of hats – the universal decision which will add and will decorate an interior of any room.

12. Spheres

12 great ceiling lamps

Spherical lamps and wooden beams.

The courageous combination of elegant spherical lamps and rough wooden beams became an effective detail of the light drawing room arranged in modern style.

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