Dot lamps — one of the best modern decisionsLighting and design 

Dot lamps — one of the best modern decisions

Dot lamps enjoy special popularity thanks to their numerous versions and practicality recently. In any shop where devices for lighting are on sale, it is possible to face the striking quantity of types of such category as dot lamps. They can be different forms and the sizes. In a word, for those who want to establish at themselves pointed lighting the huge choice is provided.

Dot lamps — one of the best modern decisions

What dot lamps to choose: types of lamps

To understand what dot lamps to choose, it is necessary to remember that the main objective of these light sources consists in the direction of a light flow on a certain site, without drawing attention to itself and features of installation.

In this regard the range of dot lamps is subdivided into three main types:

  • halogen — an optimal variant of lighting of the room, as from the point of view of cost, so from the point of view of characteristics;
  • light-emitting diode — more expensive option, but the price justifies characteristics, such as profitability, low temperature of heating, durability;
  • glow lamps — aren’t so durable as LED option, but the affordable price and effective illumination of a lamp provide.

In addition dot lamps can be classified proceeding from the place of installation. In this sense ceiling dot lamps which are most popular it is possible to purchase today.

Dot lamps — one of the best modern decisions

What dot lamps to purchase for a ceiling

The choice of ceiling dot lamps which can be purchased in specialized online store, it is very wide. But in general the choice is curled from features of a ceiling. In a case with stretch ceilings it is worth paying attention to cut-in lamps. Such lamps crash into a ceiling and merge with it to one line.

If a ceiling the regular, optimum choice — superimposed lamps.

Such devices are easily mounted: are just imposed on a ceiling. If there is a question of to what dot lamps to give preference from the point of view of a form and the size, then it depends on the area of a ceiling and personal taste of the buyer.

Benefits of dot lamps with illumination

The variation of use of dot lamps with illumination is simply huge. The main specifics of these devices are that they can be established not only on a ceiling, but also to use extraordinary: for example, to build in in a statue, a case, a tree in a garden and so on.

Dot lamps — one of the best modern decisions

One of the most non-standard and peculiar places for incision of dot lamps is a floor. Such lighting is used most often at restaurants and in many institutions located on the street. Use also similar illumination in architecture.

Besides, dot lamps with illumination have a set of the forms: in addition to regular geometrical it is possible to purchase the device arranged under a flower, a star and even a bird. One more benefit of dot lighting fixtures consists that they can have a rotary and not rotary design. Rotary lamps allow to change the direction of light.

There is nothing surprising that point sources of light enjoy escalating popularity in a set of areas of activity.

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