repair of an electrical wiringElectrical wiring 

Electrical safety in case of accomplishment of repair of an electrical wiring

In case of misuse of an electrical wiring or in case of the wrong installation, the choice of protective devices, damage of protective devices and for other reasons damage of elements of an electrical wiring – sockets, switches, contact connections in a distribution guard and in distribution boxes, etc. is possible.

repair of an electrical wiring

With the corresponding skills and experience of carrying out electric installation work, the arisen defects are eliminated independently, without involvement of specialists.

Very often owing to lack of experience or in case of negligent attitude aren’t observed by rules of electrical safety that leads to electric shock in the course of carrying out repair work. Therefore in order to avoid emergence of negative consequences it is strongly recommended to attract to elimination of defects of an electrical wiring of qualified specialists. If you after all decided to eliminate defect independently, then it is necessary to pay special attention to a question of electrical safety.

repair of an electrical wiring

The basic rulecomplete de energizing of the site of an electrical wiring on which it is planned carrying out repair work. Before the direct beginning of work it is necessary to make sure that tension really is absent by means of the special indicator and the index of tension.

Work is energized performed only when there is no possibility of de energizing of the site of an electrical network and only in the presence of the working, tested electro protective equipment: a dielectric rug or an electric support, the tool with the isolating handles, dielectric gloves. Only the skilled worker having the corresponding group of electrical safety and the admission to the performed works can perform these works.

Suppression of ignitions of an electrical wiring

In case of ignition of an electrical wiring it is necessary to remember that suppression of an electrical wiring water is forbidden before its complete de energizing.

repair of an electrical wiring

Energized the electrical wiring can be extinguished powder and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers which have on the case the marking “Е” or the text testimonial of the fact that they can extinguish electric equipment energized with indication of value of tension and the minimum distance from which implementation of suppression of ignition by means of this fire extinguisher is possible.

As a rule, this tension up to 1000 V, distance – at least 1 m. Also for suppression of the electrical wiring which is energized it is possible to use sand.

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