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House illumination

The country house is a place where you spend a considerable part of the time where to you it is good and cozy, here it is possible to have a rest in a quiet house situation or to organize incendiary celebrations.

Unlike the apartment in the multi-story building, existence of own cottage gives the chance to give it the unique image which is most corresponding to character and the status of the owner.

And an important role in it is played by the architectural illumination capable to create the individual image of the house. Architectural illumination of the house can be carried out by one of two principles – either reconstruction of day image of the building, or formation of an independent light panorama.

House illumination

Features of illumination of a country house

Illumination can provide both the equal floodlight, and the accenting lighting designed to emphasize architectural features of your house, to hide possible shortcomings and to make its shape unique. When lighting the private house there is no need to use such powerful lamps, as when lighting city commercial buildings. Here light devices of average and low power will approach.

At illumination of a cottage of the big area for the sake of energy consumption economy it is expedient to divide illumination into zones with a possibility of consecutive turning on of devices of illumination on a signal of motion sensors.

House illumination

Main methods of illumination of a cottage:

  • installation enough powerful searchlights which are filling in the house from all directions with light;
  • allocation of the most interesting, significant architectural details, creation of image of the house peculiar and other than day.

It must be kept in mind that the first option isn’t suitable for houses where light from architectural illumination flowing in windows can prevent residents. Therefore more often for residential buildings use the second type of illumination.

The lamps used for architectural illumination of the house

Lamps for illumination of the house select according to design and architectural features of the building. It can be the built-in lamps of scattered or directional light installed on the eaves acting parts of a facade, stucco moldings, etc.

It is necessary to remember that they are difficult to be established imperceptibly, after the termination of a stage of construction, it is better to design and install the built-in lamps in advance. For the providing directed light it is better to use lamps with a rotary plafond and a possibility of its tough fixing.

House illumination

Laid on light sources fasten easier, but it is necessary to approach an assessment of relevance of such type of lamps that they didn’t clash with the general design concept of image of the house attentively.

It is very modern the street rotary searchlights fastening on structures of the house or on the earth near house walls look.

Soil lamps also perfectly cope with a problem of architectural illumination. The soil lamps having creation potential, both the floodlight, and a narrowly targeted light stream, and change of an angle of lighting are most popular and convenient.

What lamps it is the best of all to use for architectural illumination of the house

Most often for illumination of houses use metal halogen and sodium tubular lamps (DNAT). These lamps in the best way are suitable for architectural illumination since are rather economic and have high light saturation.

House illumination

But the most modern and perspective light sources are light-emitting diodes today. At them color scale is wider and design options are more various, they much more economic, more reliable also are more durable than other lamps.

LED lamps, searchlights and tapes of different color, design and power allow to pick up the best option for the embodiment of the conceived project.

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