Installation of posting in arborsElectrical wiring 

Installation of posting in arbors and other small architectural forms

The arbor — the old invention of the person, and always it performed only one function — to give rest to soul and a body. With our modern technologies and requests idle time of an arbor isn’t enough any more — it is necessary to enhance it according to requirements of a century in which we live.

But not to do it of glass and plastic — no, and here it would be very good to electrify. The subject of our article — installation of posting in arbors and other MAF, a fine method to make them more functional at the expense of the brought fixed electricity.

Electrical wiring device: what is necessary the tool

Electrical wiring device: what is necessary the tool

To execute posting installation, the small, but important tool kit is necessary:

  • several various screw-drivers
  • good sharp knife
  • tension indicator
  • drill and drills
  • nippers
  • grinder

In process also still some tools can be necessary, but these will be necessary anyway.

Materials for the posting device in an arbor:

Thin cables and flat wires of APPV, APRV, APV are most often applied to open posting. Flat wires are more reliable, but it is more difficult in work. For example, to turn them round the corner not so easily: to execute a bend of a flat wire, it is necessary to cut out previously a dividing film between veins of four-five centimeters and to take away them in a corner. Except wires it will be necessary for us:

  • sheet of asbestos (ideally 5 mm thick)
  • strips from galvanized steel for fixture of wires (it is possible to cut with own hand)
  • laying from an electro insulating cardboard (it is also possible to cut with own hand)
  • sockets, bulbs, switches, double boxes


Technology of installation of posting in arbors

Electric posting in arbors and other similar structures (small architectural forms) most often becomes in open execution. It is the simplest and is most cheap as arbors practically never plaster, so and to hide posting if it is possible, then very much it is heavy. Important: as the open electrical wiring in an arbor is, as a rule, laid on wooden designs, is vital to comply with all conditions of safe engineering.

Technology of installation of posting in arbors

In our case the open electrical wiring went on a tree (the combustible basis) therefore under wires the layer of sheet asbestos was added. Generally there are enough three millimeters, but it is better to be reassured and put five. By the way, asbestos shall act from each party of a wire at least on five millimeters.

The electrical wiring device in an arbor becomes on the following technology:

1. For a start we will plan the course of wires, we will calculate their quantity, we will buy with an inventory. Ideal option — to execute the drawing or the scheme.

2. Then it is possible to be engaged already actually in posting installation which first stage is fixture of laying from asbestos. Yes, when stacking several wires nearby the strip of asbestos can quite be general, it is only necessary to consider that the safe distance between wires also makes five millimeters.

3. On laying — wires. We fix their strips cut from thin galvanized steel (it it is possible, copper is undesirable — is oxidized). Apply to fixture of wires metal (tinned, zinced or painted) strips which cling strictly on an asbestos layer. If you did an arbor, enclosed in it a heap of forces and a decent amount of money, the blasphemous idea to fix wires nails won’t come to your mind, driving in them directly into isolation between veins.

In case of such fixture the arbor hasn’t enough chances to serve to you long, and at electricians — so in general any. Between metal strips and wires just in case (that isolation didn’t fray over time) we stack the laying made of an electroinsulating cardboard.

There is enough that edge of a cardboard though on couple of millimeters I supported edge of fixture. It is necessary to watch that everything kept densely and didn’t dangle — otherwise isolation and with a cardboard will fray.

4. It is time to connect to the wires mounted in due form sockets, the switch, a bulb and all the rest (for example, the small country TV).

5. It is necessary to be connected to the home power supply network (better via the separate circuit breaker), and the device of an electrical wiring will be finished. As all wires on a type, with elimination of miscalculations of problems shan’t be.

Installation of posting in arbors

The posting device in an arbor: as it is possible still

Recently one more method of laying of a flat wire in case of which it fastens by means of the special pasted buttons that increases the speed and quality of installation without need to hammer excess nails received popularity.

As adhesive substance serves BMK-5K glue as a part of which there is an acrylic resin, filler (kaolin) and acetone which is solvent. Before gluing it is necessary to clean, level, degrease a surface and to wait for its complete drying.

The procedure of gluing is performed in several stages

1. On the prepared site the pallet applies an even layer of glue. There will be enough also thickness millimeter.
2. The same layer is applied on the basis of the detail prepared for gluing.
3. The detail nestles on the respective site of a surface and keeps under effort within five seconds.
4. Then it is necessary to remove the surplus of glue which didn’t dry up still around a detail. It is possible to glue posting in such a way not only to a tree, but also to steel, glass, plastic and even to smooth porcelain.

In arbors it is possible to do also the blind entry. It obligatory will be heavy, can be a little expensive, but it is quite possible. In a wooden arbor it is necessary to attend to the blind entry at a construction stage.

Installation of posting in arbors

Putting the basis and the lower part of a structure from logs, it is necessary to drill consistently in wood channels via which the cable in a corrugation which goes then up to that place where the socket, a double box or the switch is planned is passed. In such a way posting in full-fledged wooden houses becomes, it suits for an arbor too.

Before stacking of such posting it is necessary to create the exact drawing of construction and to think over all in advance as it is “beautiful” to remake it won’t turn out any more. In general we recommend to do open posting in arbors: it if desired can be made so accurately that “the mosquito of a nose won’t undermine”.

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