LED linear lampsUseful information 

LED linear lamps and their uses

Now linear LED lamps are used extremely widely. Their undoubted benefits are as follows:

  1. the long service life reaching 15 thousand hours;
  2. profitability — light sources are bright crystals – the light-emitting diodes giving a lot of light in case of the insignificant area of the shining surface;
  3. attractive appearance, variety of forms and sizes;
  4. ample opportunities for registration of design of rooms;
  5. lightweight;
  6. small temperature of heating;
  7. soft and uniform lighting;
  8. resistance to blows and vibrations;
  9. lack of noise and blinking.

LED linear lamps

Besides, the sphere of use of linear LED lamps is extremely wide.

Where linear led lamps are used

Use of linear led of lamps extends both on residential, and to working, office rooms. Such lighting fixtures are capable to make housing unique, and everything depends only on imagination of owners. Light sources on light-emitting diodes serve as an excellent alternative to luminescent lamps. They provide also the main, and the additional, localized lighting, serve as excellent decorative illumination, for example furniture, show-windows, mezzanines and so on.

Beautiful and universal linear led lamps — the ideal decision for kitchens and bathrooms, for illumination of mirrors or pictures. They are also applied to the hidden highlighting of a ceiling.

LED linear lamps

Technical features of linear lamps on light-emitting diodes

Before purchasing linear lamps, it is necessary to be determined with capacity and dimensions. At sale there are devices from the most low-power to such which give volume lighting.

Color radiation of any linear lamps, for example LED linear lamps 220v can be various shades. Color temperature is usually designated on packaging of a lamp in Kelvins. Depending on degree the device gives yellowish, white or as close as possible to natural light with a warm, cold and neutral shade respectively.

One more feature which LED linear lamps 220v have and other indicators of capacity is the possibility of their connection among themselves in one source of lighting. It is the next argument for benefit of LED light sources which will change any room.

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