Management of lighting by means of light scenariosLighting and design 

Management of lighting by means of light scenarios

Rapid development of technologies and innovative approaches to the systems of lighting offer the ordinary consumer more and more options of lighting for the house.

Ten years ago for the organization of lighting practically in any room was rather beautiful chandelier and a floor lamp. Today in standard design projects 3-4 groups of light are the share of one room, and for drawing rooms and dining rooms the number of groups can reach six.

Management of lighting by means of light scenarios

Competent application of lighting allows interior designers to work real miracles, to change the room depending on time of day, to change its atmosphere and mood, to adjust architectural shortcomings, to create accents.

Active implementation of light-emitting diodes gave life to a huge number of interesting light decisions. In the market of the lighting equipment all new and new models of lamps and new management systems them constantly appear.

Management of lighting by means of light scenarios

Increase in number of groups of light made justified application of light scenarios when for creation of desirable mood in the room on pressing of one key one lamps slowly, others light up more brightly, and some are at all disconnected.

To recover your imagination, in addition to widespread scenarios (a party, awakening, romantic evening), we bring to your attention several interesting options management of lighting.

Management of lighting by means of light scenarios

Lighting mode “Cozy evening”

Until recently floor lamps and table lamps didn’t include in light stages. They worked separately in the manual mode. But in the presence of a floor lamp and pair of lamps on little tables and dressers it is possible to create really cozy situation. Also it isn’t necessary to pace about the room, to look for inconvenient switches on a wire for each lamp. Only one pressing it is also possible to plunge into the atmosphere of rest and a cosiness. Also one pressing it is possible to create suitable lighting for reading the book on a couch.

Mode of lighting “Night”

Happens that should be passed to the nursery or in “a treasured room” at night, but it is necessary to make it so that not to go blind, to wake the soulmate and not to step on a cat or a dog. It turns out, as on complete you won’t turn on the light, and without light quietly you won’t pass. The key at a headboard of a bed which turns on the light in the bedroom, a corridor and a nursery/bathroom for 10-20% of capacity will come to the rescue. And in case of return repeated pressing cuts off electricity in all three rooms. Only the key shall be with illumination that it half asleep could be found directly.

Management of lighting by means of light scenarios

Lighting mode “Presentation”

Many complex constructions last till several years. Therefore this quite normal desire of the customer – to show to guests the new house and the system of automation in the best possible way. It is possible to create a key in case of an entrance of “Demo” which represents the property of the happy owner in the best possible light – the necessary light is turned on, rollers on TVs join, projectors and screens leave on elevators, from the built-in acoustics music at the correct loudness begins to be played back, fountains and so on turn on.

Light scenario of system of lighting design of a photo management of lighting

On the one hand increase in number of groups, scenes and types of lamps this huge happiness, but on the other hand it raises requirements to a management system all this wealth. You don’t want that a set of switches on a wall in your drawing room looked as the control panel the spaceship consisting of a set of toggle-switches. The benefit that today technologies of management of light propose various solutions of this problem.

You can see appearing as mushrooms after a rain, startups with tempting management from the smartphone “for $100” (Revolt, Smarthings, Leviton, Phillips Hue, etc.). Along with them, serious producers (Gira, Jung, Lutron, Crestron, Control4) begin to reduce the prices and to propose to clients more interesting solutions.

Management of lighting by means of light scenarios

A variety of gadgets is so high, and marketing of sellers is so good that to understand most in all this often it isn’t represented real.

The good interior designer is quite capable to develop the high-quality light scenario, but he isn’t obliged to be guided in technical features of the organization of systems of lighting at all. Presently development of the light scenario and management systems lighting require intervention of the highly qualified specialist who freely is guided in promptly growing market of the lighting equipment.

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