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Rules of electrical safety when servicing a house electrical wiring

The electrical wiring of the apartment or house is a source of enhanced danger for the person. Misuse of a house electrical wiring can lead to negative consequences, in particular defeat of the people operating an electrical wiring and electrical household appliances which are switched on in network, electric current.

Therefore, the question of electrical safety when servicing a house electrical wiring is rather relevant.

electrical safety

In this article we will consider the basic rules to which it is necessary to adhere for ensuring electrical safety when servicing a house electrical wiring.

Technical condition of a house electrical wiring

First of all, it should be noted that safe operation of an electrical wiring is possible only in case of its technical serviceability. If the electrical wiring is in an unsatisfactory condition, then even in case of observance of all rules of its operation, operation of such electrical wiring will be dangerous.

If it is about technical condition of an electrical wiring, then in this case it is necessary to consider a condition of all structural elements of an electrical wiring.

First, it is the main switchboard where the feeding cable from electrical networks where required protective devices are established is brought introduction, and connection and a branch of all lines of posting is made.

All protective devices shall be technically working and provide fully the protective functions. Also reserve protection of an electrical wiring as one of the protective devices established on this or that line of posting can fail and not disconnect the site of posting damaged or working in the abnormal mode shall be provided.

electrical safety

Also it is necessary to pay attention to quality of contact connections of conductors in a distribution guard and also in the distribution boxes established on the house (apartment). Low-quality contact connections lead to damage of an electrical wiring.

The apartment electrical wiring, in particular in rooms with the increased humidity and also where the probability of hit of working tension on the case is high, can be operated only in the presence of the device of protective shutdown (DPS) or the combined device.

Safety in case of operation of electrical household appliances

Special attention should be paid to safe operation of electrical household appliances. It is necessary to operate electric devices according to recommendations which are provided in the instruction for their operation.

First, it rules of connection of the electric device to an electrical network – a load capability of an electrical wiring and the socket in which turning on of the electric device and also availability of working grounding of an electrical wiring (the grounding contact on the socket having electric connection with the grounding tire of an electrical wiring of the house or apartment) is performed.

As well as it was mentioned above, this or that part of an electrical wiring and also an electrical wiring in general, shall have reliable protection as the electric device can fail and bear danger to the person at any time.

electrical safety

In case of inclusion in network of electric devices it is necessary to consider features of the scheme of an electrical wiring. Very often one automatic switch performs food of group of sockets, the setting of its operation is chosen proceeding from a load capability of the main wire from which the branch of the lines feeding sockets this groups is performed. That is in that case each of sockets has no due protection against an overload.

Often happens that the socket which switched on several electric devices is damaged that can lead to various negative consequences – to sparking, ignition. That to avoid it, it is forbidden to include loading which exceeds nominal for this socket in the socket.

Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to quality of contact connections of the socket with the line of posting, a fork and cord of the electric device and also quality of the most plug connection of a fork with the socket. After some operating time of the electric device it is necessary to take out a fork from the socket and to check it regarding heating.

electrical safety

Heating of plug sockets demonstrates low-quality contact connection in the above-stated places. If contact connections reliable, then heating of the plug socket demonstrates discrepancy of the socket and (or) a fork of the electric device to the actual current of loading.

In case of the insufficient number of the established sockets in the room or in case of their sufficient remoteness from an electric device installation site, extenders are used. To minimize possible danger which extenders can bear it is necessary to follow two basic rules.

First, it is necessary to use only technically the working and suitable in technical parameters extenders. Secondly, them it is necessary to have so that the possibility of damage of a wire and a moisture entry in plug sockets was excluded.


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