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“Smart” light: motion sensors will help to light instantly the bedroom, a bathroom and even a wardrobe

LED illumination on a LED tape will help to light the room instantly.

At night people often should get up, for example, to descend in a toilet, to drink waters or to look how the baby sleeps. For many movements on the house in the dark become this testing. It appears, it is possible just to solve this problem easily and by means of a regular LED tape and motion sensors. LED illumination will join directly as soon as the leg from a bed falls by a floor.

Smart light

The soft and warm light will be turned on as soon as legs fall by a floor and the motion sensor will work.

To rise in the night from a bed a large number of people should struggle long with fears and to collect the strength. Someone is afraid of the dark, someone is nervous because in the dark room can’t find directly favorite house-shoes, someone worries that he awkward movement will wake someone from the family, and someone hard transfers sharp transition from darkness to bright light.

Smart light

Thanks to LED illumination it is possible to come to see quietly the kid at night.

The solution of this problem in 2011 was started by the owner of the Danish company “e3light Group” by the name of Flemming Viktor Andersen (Flemming Victor Andersen). At that time he was engaged in repair of own house and made greatest demands of lighting. However, intellectual light decisions for his bedroom, bathing and toilet rooms were too labor-consuming and difficult on technical indicators. The host wanted that light automatically reacted to actions of residents. Therefore it initiated development of an innovative commercial product in “e3light Group”. And the concept of combination of the motion sensor with LED illumination was realized.

Smart light

The lighting based on motion sensors and LED illumination.

The light is turned on as soon as the person gets up, comes into a bathroom or the nursery. It is really excellent development which grants comfort to all family members: local lighting very warm and soft therefore nobody awakes anybody and doesn’t irritate with sudden flash of bright light. With such lighting night campaigns in a toilet will become quieter and safe for those who are afraid of the dark, especially for small children, and it will be simpler to mothers to watch as far as sound sleep of their kids and as they feel.

Smart light

With LED illumination it will be not so terrible to small children to wake up at night and to rise in a toilet.

Benefits of LED illumination are that it is very economic type of lighting. Light-emitting diodes will serve about 30 years (working on average one hour a day), and consume bulbs of only 7,5 W for receipt of the same light as the glow lamp capacity of 25 W. Besides the design provides the shutdown timer which can be adjusted from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

Illumination in a case will join as soon as doors open or the person will enter the wardrobe room.

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