The lamp in a bathroom over a mirrorUseful information 

The lamp in a bathroom over a mirror

Bathroom – one of the few where it is necessary to create specially comfortable conditions. Though we will also not move a lot of time here, however we visit a bathroom daily: in the mornings in front of the mirror we make toilet, and in the evenings – we get rid of the stress which is saved up in a day.

The lamp in a bathroom over a mirror

That is why the lamp in a bathroom over a mirror needs to be selected carefully not only for external design, but also in technical parameters.

Recommendation from professionals:

To achieve an economical expense of the electric power and to make lighting sufficient, recommend to establish not just one lamp for a mirror in a bathroom, and to add it with several more in other zones.

For example, it is possible to place light accents separately over:

  • bathroom or shower cabin;
  • wash basin;
  • to add all this with general ceiling light – small a sconce which have on the center of the room or with shift.

The lamp in a bathroom over a mirror

Special requirements are imposed to extent of moisture protection of lamps as in a bathroom practically always the humidity of air is increased, and for devices the contact with water drops isn’t excluded.

Extents of moisture protection of lamps

Extent of moisture protection in determines many the place where the lamp will be established. Most often a mirror have over the wash basin or on a side wall near a bathroom. Therefore for the lighting fixture the highest class of moisture protection is necessary here.

There is also other option – when the mirror is in a zone, inaccessible to moisture (for example, it is hung up on the wall, most remote from the wash basin). Then the lamp can have the lowest class of moisture protection.

The lamp in a bathroom over a mirror

Why illumination of a mirror is necessary?

To establish the lamp over a mirror in a bathroom means to resolve a number of issues. It is not a just sophisticated design idea.
Local illumination of a mirror helps:

  • to achieve the good illumination of at least a half of space;
  • to create the festive and cozy atmosphere (thanks to reflection of lamps);
  • in case of the minimum costs (only one device with light-emitting diodes) to reach outstanding performance.

The lamp in a bathroom over a mirror

How to pick up design of lamps for a bathroom

Correctly picked up lamp for a mirror in a bathroom shall fit harmoniously into other interior, without creating a dissonance. Therefore its design will be determined:

  • room space sizes;
  • features of its layout;
  • ceiling registration;
  • color scale of the used finishing of walls.

Except appearance, lamps shall approach also in electrotechnical parameters, providing safe conditions of their use.

The lamp in a bathroom over a mirror

Key parameters of lamps: what to pay attention to?

Before purchasing the lamp for a bathroom mirror, it is necessary to study the following technical parameters:

  • preserving initial properties throughout long time (without loss of brightness, changes of color, etc.);
  • security degree from moisture;
  • resistance to temperature difference.

Many consumers prefer LED devices of the closed type with the increased moisture protection.

They completely meet all requirements. It is possible to apply cunning acceptance: to purchase the rotary lamp on a mirror in a bathroom with a natural shade of a luminescence which will help to light in turn various zones.

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